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Eminence, your audit partner for digital performance in Geneva

To be able to develop an optimal digital strategy and determine what actions to take, it is essential to first have a global overview and understanding of your digital presence, your positioning, your key strengths, and your weaknesses.

Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Geneva, offers performance audit services to assess the relevance and effectiveness of your company’s current marketing choices. This performance audit helps to pinpoint where your brand is encountering difficulties and to find solutions to optimize them.

What is more, a performance audit is an essential step to help you to develop a holistic brand strategy. This is why Eminence, an agency specialized in digital strategy auditing, is here to help you by making a detailed inventory of your entire digital ecosystem and analyzing it. The advantage is that you will have an accurate diagnosis of your digital channels and you will be able to optimize your digital strategy.

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How does Eminence assess the performance of your company?

Step One: The Cross-Data Audit

We first analyze how you orchestrated the collection of your data from various sources, which platform you selected, and how you currently process all of that data. These elements allow us to identify audience segments that can be used to target specific users for your online advertising campaigns. This cross-data audit will enable us to recommend the most efficient data management platform for you to have a 360 ° vision of your data at all times.

Step Two: Platform Audit

We perform a full audit of your digital channels and assess each person’s role in your current digital strategy to determine if your business goals are being achieved through them and if they are optimized for performance marketing. This audit contains strategic recommendations to help your company optimize its overall attribution strategy.

Step Three: Data Tracking Audit

Tracking allows large amounts of data to be collected discreetly so that it can in turn be analyzed. We make sure that the online events you track are aligned with your company’s business goals. We analyze the tracking plan you have put in place by focusing on 3 key areas: acquisition, behavior, and results. Our data tracking audit will allow you to develop and improve your user interface and software, by analyzing online user behavior, testing their preferences based on experimental changes and their response time.

Step Four: Communication Strategy and Content Audit

This is an audit that helps your company ensure overall communication consistency between the defined strategy, the content, the tools put in place, and the results obtained. We assess what works and what does not work about your brand image, its perception, and its positioning in a competitive environment. The goal is to reveal your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, the consistency of your communication, and its impact on your brand image.

Performing a content audit is essential to improve your content marketing strategy. It allows you to assess the quantity and quality of your various content, to implement corrective actions and improvements if needed.

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Why choose Eminence to analyze your marketing?

At Eminence, multiple aspects of your strategy are analyzed in a marketing audit and this often requires different experts to help identify the key optimizations and improvements to be made.

Our agency is specialized in digital strategy audits and offers you a complete diagnosis of your current performance, to provide you with advice on how to optimize it. For this, we rely on strategic and technical audit tools.

As experts in digital strategy and performance marketing, we can bring you a clear vision of your digital performance so that you can improve your company’s marketing actions and thus allow you to develop your brand.

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