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The marketing audit is a critical and detailed evaluation and interpretation of the business-marketing environment, both internal and external, taking into account its objectives, strategies and opportunities to recommend a plan of action to enhance the firm’s marketing performance.

Our digital marketing agency can realise your audit and help you optimise your digital strategy!


Any decision on digital strategy and action requires a full knowledge of the company and its market. Identify strengths, weaknesses, the DNA of the brand, the history of the actions carried out by a company, and knowing its market trends are essential elements to position its marketing strategy.

The marketing audit is aimed to clarify the position of the company within its environment and its market. Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Geneva supports your strategic audit to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of your marketing choices:

  • Analysis of positioning and brand objectives
  • Analysis of the current strategy
  • Internal environmental analysis of your brand (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Internal environmental analysis of your brand (opportunities and threats)

On the basis of these analyses, we make strategic recommendations to improve your marketing actions and allow you to grow your business.



The audit also includes a detailed analysis of the technical and operational part of actions on each of the levers of the digital strategy:
The website of the brand

Is the site structured in an optimal way? Have you checked its structure, its performance, its consistency with the current web technologies, the ROI, and the legibility of the various navigation supports?

The SEO strategy of the brand

Is my website SEO friendly? Has a strategy wording been put in place? Are you well referenced on the search engines? Did you implement the SEO practices?
The SEA strategy of the brand

Are your online advertising campaigns well structured? Do you earn conversions? Do they generate the ROI?
The content of the brand

Did you implement a strategy of the brand content? Do you follow the best practices for web writing?
Social Media and Community Management

Is your brand present and active on the social networks? Do you have a Social Media strategy? Do you distribute a social content, which is adapted to your target audience? Are your social networks generating a ROI?
Many levers are needed to analyse and to establish a pertinent audit for your situation and to measure the areas of improvement. Our digital marketing agency can assure you a complete diagnosis to provide you with optimisation tips, which will attract traffic to your website or your point of sales. The result will help you to increase your income.


As a specialist in digital marketing strategy, Eminence can establish for you an extensive audit to improve the marketing of your business and to allow evolving your brand. Our agency offers you resources, insights, studies and expertise to bring a clear, realistic and impartial vision of your situation.

For this, Eminence retains on a proven methodology, experts from different sectors and the mastery of technical audit tools, to ensure you a complete diagnosis and advise you in order to implement a strategy that will lead you to success.


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