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Eminence, your Cross Data Partner in Geneva

The increasing number of diverse digital platforms has profoundly changed consumer behavior as well as customer touchpoints. All digital marketing strategies are based on collecting information and on centralizing data. Indeed, by gathering and managing your data, you can increase your turnover.

Eminence Geneva, your strategic and digital marketing agency, collects data from different channels (websites, social networks, apps, etc.) to analyze them and establish marketing KPIs. Each of these different channels is an important source of information that allows us to create relevant audiences and customer categories. Our Data Scientists will use the information obtained through our Cross Data platform to help you better target your users with personalized advertising campaigns.

To effectively analyze data, we centralize all the information of your different channels in one centralized platform. We set up a tracking plan (with pixels, tags, custom events, etc.) and use Google Analytics to create this data-based ecosystem.

Here are the six key advantages to using Eminence’s Data Management Platform:

  • Data is gathered on one platform
  • Third-party data is used to identify new markets
  • Information about audiences can be collected
  • A complete view of every customer can be created
  • Target audiences can be identified
  • There is an effective consolidation of the marketing budget

Thus, a Data Management Platform will allow you to focus on the overall customer experience, taking into account important information that has been gathered from both physical and digital customer touchpoints.

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How does Eminence analyze and process the data?

Our Cross-Data Specialists identify your potential future prospects so as to target audiences and generate qualified leads to your website. Eminence will provide you with the most appropriate solutions to facilitate the crossing and processing of your data. The analysis of data will allow us to effectively implement marketing actions to increase our chances of a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Having a well-established data collection platform in place will help you collect and manage data, primarily for digital marketing purposes. From this data hub, you will be able to identify audience segments that can be used to target these users with personalized online advertising campaigns.

Our Cross-Data Platforms are valuable assets for:

  • Targeted Advertising: creating audience segments and targeting specific users via personalized advertising campaigns. For example, by displaying car ads to audiences who are interested in buying a new car.
  • User Profiling: identifying a specific audience through a set of information collected about the users such as their needs, interests, and behaviors. User profiles can be manually created or with the help of machine learning algorithms that automatically analyze and profile Internet users.
  • Assignment Strategy: the role that we will assign to each of your channels depends on your business strategy. For example, your objectives could be to increase acquisition, drive conversions, optimize advertising spend, ensure customer loyalty, etc.
  • Defining a Multichannel Customer Journey: we help you create a customer experience that includes all your digital channels so that you can convert your leads into customers through a consistent journey, based on behaviors that have been identified.
  • Similar Modelling: we identify new customers who behave in a similar manner to your existing customers in order to launch targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Identifying Business Opportunities: collecting new information about customers and services through Data Analysis allows us to enhance the existing CRM systems with additional external data such as the user attributes and their interactions with the products online.
  • Content and Product Recommendations: by using the recommendations of the Data Management Platform (DMP), you can develop a personalized experience for each user.
  • Audience Understanding: DMP analysis enables you to understand and meet the specific needs of audiences by analyzing and fully understanding them.
  • Expanding the Customer Base: you can identify a new customer segment via DMP analysis and from this increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Are you interested in adopting an omnichannel, data-driven approach?

Why choose Eminence as your Cross-Data Agency?

All businesses rely heavily on their Internet positioning to increase brand awareness and boost their website traffic. To attract customers to your business, an omnichannel strategy needs to be put in place so that it can appear in top positions on search engines. For this, we incorporate both an SEO and SEA strategy to compliment your omnichannel approach.

In this way, we will be able to retain your customers by creating targeted ad campaigns based on a qualitative analysis of your data and the creation of segmented audiences. Through the analysis of your audience, we will create a personalization strategy on each channel that is based on the target’s expectations, so you can attract new customers by delivering the right message to the right person, at the right time.

Eminence’s Data Scientists will use Cross-Data to profile, analyze and target your online customers to identify purchase and consumer trends. We will analyze the data and build a story that makes sense for your company so that you can take relevant strategic decisions for your business.

Our objective is to make the different channels work together and ensure that they complement one another. For this, we want to create an ongoing strategy between all the different touchpoints to develop a seamless purchase experience. That is why we will create multiple touchpoints and adopt a cross-channel-driven approach that can be adapted to the various customer journeys. This is an approach that enables you to build close relationships with your customers on each platform.

We will use Cross-Data to help you to optimize your advertising campaigns, and analyze the overall performance and how audiences respond to them. This will help us understand their customer journey and identify when is the best moment to interact with target audiences on the different platforms.

Eminence can help you to develop a marketing strategy for your company that can address the changing nature of customers’ buying behaviors while encouraging customers to use several different channels.

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