SEA strategy

Avesco Rent

The context

With its agency Eminence, Avesco Rent launched Google Search campaigns that had three main objectives:

  1. To boost its profitability using a powerful bidding strategy
  2. To generate the maximum amount of traffic to its website
  3. To increase the number of requests for quotes


Summary of SEA performance from October 2017 to October 2018
  • 104 %

    Increase in the number of impressions

  • 287 %

    Increase in the number of clicks

  • 321 %

    Increase in the number of conversions

  • - 89 %

    Cost per conversion improvement

Summary of SEO performance from March 2018 to October 2018
  • 77.5 %

    Increase in the number of sessions

  • 62 %

    Increase in the number of conversions

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Client presentation

Avesco Rent, a subsidiary of the Caterpillar Group, is a supplier of rental equipment solutions for construction sites, events, professionals and individuals. It officially represents “The Cat Rental Store” brand, part of the Caterpillar group, in Switzerland. Avesco Rent is present across Switzerland with more than 20 agencies located in both the French and German-speaking regions.

The challenges

01. Create visibility on the Google Search engine via SEO and SEA, in both French and German
02. Generate online quotations, requests and calls
03. Facilitate internal website navigation
04. Control the cost per acquisition

Our strategy

Avesco Rent created a new website and changed their domain name. Eminence was first mandated to set up the SEO strategy and then to drive traffic to the new website via SEA campaigns.

The SEO set-up phase:

  • Definition of the themes on which Avesco Rent wanted to position themselves
  • Benchmark search trends to identify keywords
  • Competitor analysis
  • Definition of the key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Definition of the SEO strategy via the creation of a breadcrumb trail optimization of categories and products, editing meta titles and meta description tags
  • Implementation of meta titles, meta descriptions, URLs, alt images, etc.
  • Implementation of Google Tag Manager

Active Server Provider (ASP) Strategy:

Depending on the type of SEA campaign chosen (Google Search ads, Display ads, mobile ads, video ads, or shopping ads), it is possible to focus on either visibility, conversions or website traffic. Other factors to consider when launching SEA campaigns include the company’s field of activity and their initial brand reputation. In the case of Avesco Rent, the brand was already well known; therefore, we did not need to orientate our strategy towards brand awareness. Eminence therefore opted for Google Search campaigns that boosted both the website traffic and increased the number of online conversions (requests for quotes).

Eminence set up a tracking plan to monitor and optimize Avesco Rent’s digital strategy. Our tracking tools allowed us to collect the following information:

  • Conversions
  • Traffic by channel
  • User behavior
  • Purchase and conversion funnels
  • Measure the quality of visits and leads
  • ROI and turnover