SEO Migration


McDonald's Switzerland has engaged Eminence to support them in the SEO migration of their corporate website to AEM, encompassing four significant tasks. 

  • + 90 %

    Increase in Pages per Session

  • + 28 %

    Increase in Page Views

  • 2 x

    Pages per Session

  • - 30 %

    Decrease in Bounce Rate


  • 01

    SEO Migration

  • 02

    Website Maintenance

  • 03

    Multilingual SEO Strategy

  • 04

    Improvement of CX and UX

SEO Migration

We successfully completed the migration of the website on multiple levels, including server, domain name, and to AEM, while ensuring technical and SEO impacts were taken into consideration.

Website Maintenance

Following the migration and its technical requirements, we provide ongoing website maintenance, updates, and continuous improvement.

Multilingual SEO Strategy

We implemented a multilingual SEO strategy in three languages, focusing on content and semantic SEO optimization.

Improvement of CX and UX

Smooth and pleasant user experience was at the forefront of our considerations, incorporating ease of navigation, design, hierarchy, and structure.


  • Establishing a detailed SEO migration strategy to prevent a significant loss of traffic that would be difficult to recover later. 
  • Migration from CMS to AEM Adobe Experience Manager. 
  • Optimizing a multilingual SEO website in three languages: French, German, and Italian. 
  • Enhancing the CX/UX of the website. 
  • Project team coordination between McDonald's Switzerland and McDonald's Global in the USA. 

1.SEO Migration 

To migrate the McDonald's website, we followed these steps: 

  • Preparation of a redirection plan to transfer URLs. 
  • 301 redirects from the old domain to the new domain. 
  • Creation of sitemap and robots.txt. 
  • Monitoring and optimization of indexing on Google Search Console. 
  • Deindexing of old pages. 
  • Implementation of tracking codes such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel. 

Simultaneously, we monitored visits to each section and page positioning to quickly identify and resolve any potential traffic drops. 

2.SEO Optimization:

Intent Marketing and Semantic Strategy 

The goal was to improve McDonald's Switzerland's position on search results, increase click-through rates, and enhance visitor engagement. We conducted a competitive benchmark to evaluate the best SEO practices of competitors: 

  • Website traffic analysis and identification of different search intents. 
  • Semantic analysis to understand how users search for information and the keywords they use. 
  • Quality content writing of over 1,000 words, optimized with Hn tags, tailored to the three language regions. 
  • Creation of new pages. 
  • Keyword usage based on search trends, volumes, and intent, including long-tail expressions with high engagement and conversion potential. 
  • Optimization and implementation of titles and meta descriptions. 
  • Optimization of images in .webp format. 
  • Inclusion of ALT attributes for images. 

This extensive writing and optimization work covered the entire website in three languages (French, German, and Italian) while maintaining McDonald's Global brand tone. 

3.SEO technique 

In support of a robust and effective SEO strategy, we integrated the following tools: 

  • Google Discover 
  • Google Lens 
  • Voice Search 
  • Creation of FAQs 
  • YouTube and video content 
  • Structured data 

The goal was to enhance organic search results, ensuring McDonald's presence across various search channels.

4.Enhancement of CX (Customer Experience) and UX (User Experience) 

We combined UX and CX communication and design, storytelling, technology, media, and data to create relevant consumer experiences that drive engagement and improve business performance: 

  • Revised the website navigation plan to optimize CX and UX. 
  • Implemented a homepage structure based on user search queries and strong keywords. 
  • Streamlined design with white space and contrasting elements to attract attention and facilitate navigation and click-through rates. 
  • Optimized header and footer. 
  • Mobile-friendly content and navigation to enhance Google Discover and Google Lens. 
  • Top 5 questions for optimizing Voice Search results. 


McDonald's benefited from our recommendations in their digital strategy, enabling effective communication with impactful visuals and an improved customer journey. 

5.SEO Monitoring and KPIs  

To analyze, monitor, and control achieved results, we conduct four reports that continuously evolve our SEO actions and strategy in collaboration with McDonald's Switzerland teams: 

  • Real-time SEO performance (Is the site user-friendly?) 
  • Monthly organic positioning 
  • Quarterly competitive environment reporting 
  • Quarterly netlinking report 
  • Audience and event analysis 
  • Visits: quantity, frequency, device, session duration 
  • Users: casual to loyal, behavioral patterns 
  • Pages: number of views, traffic sources, exit pages, user journey 
  • Keyword-generated traffic 
  • Navigation funnel 
  • Conversion funnel 

Based on monitoring results, we provide valuable recommendations for continuously improving the website, aligning with evolving practices and market trends. 

If you have a migration project or need SEO expertise, we can assist you.