Optimize your communication strategy WITH MARKETING PROFILING!

"Dig deep to build high." If there is one area where this proverb applies, it is marketing! Indeed, without defining in the first place a robust strategy, your marketing actions will be in vain.

One of the essential elements in building your marketing strategy is to use the profiling technique, or customer targeting. This makes it possible to identify the behaviour, interests and expectations of a target audience. Eminence, an agency specialized in marketing targeting strategy, explains how to develop and use this technique.


An optimized digital strategy takes into account the fact that each person is unique because they have their own behaviour, interests and aspirations. To better reach its target audience, any company should steer its strategy by carrying out actions dedicated to each category of customers, prospects or visitors. This is why  it is imperative to develop a segmentation in order to know the typical profile of each segment and thus achieve the most effective customer targeting.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to analyse your audience taking into account the information available in databases, obtained through web tracking tools and information related to transactions and Internet users’ behaviour both online, on social networks, and offline. All these approaches make it possible to isolate the behaviour, expectations and interests of each segment: this is what is called profiling, or customer targeting.
Eminence, your marketing profiling agency in Geneva, will guide you through the following steps to ensure the success of your marketing targeting strategy:

  • Definition of KPIs adapted to the customer’s needs
  • Setting up personalized objectives
  • Primary and secondary data collection
  • Creation of a dashboard
  • Implementation of weekly, monthly, quarterly and other reports and analysis
  • Decisions and recommendations


In order to create a real personalised, dynamic and automated marketing animation, you will need to use the technique of profiling marketing and buyers personas or customers personas. In other words, you will need to draw up a complete functional profile of a customer or prospect that corresponds, in every respect, to your ideal target.
In the marketing field, personas are imaginary characters representing a target group or segment as part of the development of a new product or service or a marketing activity as a whole.
To carry out customer targeting and create this standard profile, you must draw up your "identity card" of your persona by identifying the following points:

  • Socio-demographic characteristics : age, gender, level of education
  • Professional environment: responsibility, company size, title
  • The decisions your persona faces on a typical day
  • What solution is he or she looking for in your products and services?
  • What are the obstacles when buying your product?
  • A customer’s sources of information when considering a purchase
  • The criteria that count most in his purchasing decision
  • The key points in choosing a supplier

Thanks to the characters created for your marketing profiling, your target groups will have a human face, which will make it possible to answer the many questions raised by the design, promotion and distribution of your product or service.

Our marketing targeting strategy agency will help you create personas that allow you to deliver content and messages, which appeal to your target audience. It will also allow you to customize your marketing actions for different segments of your audience. For example, instead of offering the same site for all its visitors, an e-commerce company can customize the products highlighted on its home page according to the different visitor profiles observed and the desired customer targeting.

Similarly, instead of offering the same generic newsletter sent regularly to its entire database, a marketer who established a marketing targeting strategy and identified personas customers will be able to adapt his e-mails to each person and regulate marketing pressure according to the mechanisms dedicated to each profile. Our agency specialized in marketing profiling will therefore help your company to seem less invasive to your customers and increase your chances of achieving your various objectives through adapted and personalized actions defined through a marketing targeting strategy.



To guarantee you a skilful marketing targeting of your Internet users’ profiles, take advantage or our team of experts in data analysis and interpretation, in order to carry out a precise customer targeting that meets your consumers’ expectations.

Eminence, your digital marketing agency in Geneva, specializes in marketing targeting strategy and therefore transforms marketing profiling into an effective tool capable of improving your marketing processes, while ensuring that you build real close relationships with your customers. We are experts in implementing appropriate communication strategies, and we work closely with you to increase your conversion rate and return on investment (ROI).

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