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Eminence, your Web Intelligence Partner in Geneva

Big Data is the driving force behind customer relations, business strategies, and any marketing project. To be at the forefront of the digital world, it is necessary to surround yourself with skilled professionals that will promote your company. Eminence, your Big Data agency, is always on the lookout for the latest data analysis and processing technologies to manage your digital strategy.

To optimize your strategy and performance, our Web Intelligence experts use the following tools:

  • Warning Tools: our experts implement tools that scan the Internet to be informed when a potential problem is detected. This technique allows our team to be responsive in terms of protecting your online reputation.
  • Tracking: our specialists at Eminence use tracking tools to identify your website visitors. This helps us to better understand user behavior to put in place a digital strategy that will be adapted to your target audience.
  • Profiling: our experts analyze and interpret data regarding consumer profiles to ensure that the marketing strategy is tailored to their needs to communicate a relevant and engaging message.
  • Big Data: we can collect and store a great quantity and variety of data. Our agency analyzes this data to provide you with information that is crucial for the success and long-term profitability of your company.
  • Data Analysis: Eminence, your artificial intelligence-focused agency in Geneva, enables you to measure and analyze all types of data (e.g. audiences, campaign, and website performance) to extract key information that will allow you to optimize your marketing strategy.

Do you want to effectively implement your data collection strategy and achieve your business objectives?

How does Eminence apply its web intelligence expertise to your business?

Intelligent use of data is an essential step for advertisers when it comes to obtaining very specific information about the profiles of their consumers.

Eminence, your Big Data agency, carefully analyses all the data gathered from different platforms to launch well-targeted marketing campaigns.

Big Data allows real-time access to gigantic databases. The power of Big Data can be summarized in three variables:

  • Volume: this refers to the processing of a very large volume of data (terabytes and petabytes) and a great variety of it that is generated every second.
  • Speed: this corresponds to the real-time speed of the data analysis (executed in split second), data creation, and data flow.
  • Variety: an analysis of heterogeneous data (all types of formats).

This refers to:

    • Structured data – specific information in a fixed field, with a predetermined format that enables the machines to interpret and process the data.
    • Non-structured data – all the data that is not organized and cannot be easily interpreted.
    • Semi-structured data – not structured, but can be associated with some kind of information).

Big Data can be further defined with two additional variables:

  • Truth: the information must be filtered, refined and consistent to ensure its quality, accuracy, and trustworthiness.
  • Value: data is only useful if it creates value. That is why Eminence, your Big Data Analytics agency in Geneva, helps you use the relevant information to gain valuable understanding and facilitate the identification of new opportunities.

Mastering Big Data can be a strategic challenge for brands who have the opportunity to use this volume of Big Data wisely. This is why our Data Marketing agency assists you in the following crucial process: anticipating your target’s behaviors and needs to help you predict future trends.

Big Data is a true opportunity to gain an understanding of different types of data and on new types of content, as well as to make your company more agile.

Are you interested in adopting a Web Intelligence driven approach?

Why choose Eminence for your Data Management?

From Big Data to Smart Data, Eminence offers you the opportunity to develop a true omnichannel strategy based on data. As part of this strategy, we can identify, select and transform raw data into marketing intelligence, to better analyze the profile of customers, visitors, and different audiences that your brand wants to reach. This will allow you to deliver real-time, interactive, customized, and relevant marketing messages.

Related Strategic Services at Eminence:

  • Implementation of the tracking devices
  • Analysis of data, in the customer environment and the wider digital environment
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Creation of target personas
  • Creation and customization of a multichannel experience
  • Modeling customization algorithms

The data that we collect is a great asset for brands, it also enables us to have a thorough understanding of your target consumers, particularly in regards to their behavior and purchase intentions.

Our Data Marketing Agency services allow you to anticipate the needs of your consumers to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. This plays an important role in contributing to your ROI.

Considered as the crowning glory for brands, Big Data must be integrated into retailers’ promotional strategies to increase their targeting and relevance. One of the major steps in the process will be to identify the most appropriate channels and scenarios within the customer journey to collect, process, and finally leverage customer data.

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