Social networks: your allies in times of crisis!

Social networks: your allies in times of crisis!

Social networks are tools that you should integrate in your digital strategies in order to communicate in full transparency with your audience and, thanks to their interactive aspect, you will be able to get feedback on your digital actions.

In times of crisis, it is more difficult to support your employees, communicate with your customers and find solutions to stabilize the situation as much as possible.

This the reason why we have created a list of tools to help you overcome your crises in the best conditions so that you can maintain your business activity. 

1 – Keep in touch with your customers and employees

To ensure that your customers and employees continue to receive the support they need, Facebook provides you reliable communication channels to keep you connected to your target during crises.

Among these communication channels, we recommend the following:

  • Facebook Live :

Live video can be a great way to maintain a proactive relationship with your customers. Facebook Live allows you to post videos and stories on Facebook and Instagram, organize virtual events to show your customers how you are protecting your premises and products, and respond to your customers who are wondering how your company will continue to provide them support.

  • Messenger and WhatsApp :

Responsiveness and transparency in a crisis situation is key to building customer loyalty.

With Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp Business, you can manage high message volumes by automating and modeling your responses. You can also prepare Q&A to accompany your absence messages or create quick responses.

  • Facebook Workplace :

Facebook Workplace is a completely free tool that allows you to post important announcements, coordinate your action plans, pin group documents, create events, create watertight communities with members of your company, designate colleagues as administrators, and provide your employees with effective ways to stay productive and feel supported.


2- Present your products and services online

  • The Facebook catalogs:

Why opt for a Facebook catalogue? The advantages are numerous! Catalogs help you to :

  • Get in contact with your customers
  • Obtain direct returns on your products while facilitating the after-sales service.
  • To have a showcase of several million users at a lower cost
  • Improve your SEO and redirect Internet users from all horizons to your site
  • Building your reputation: the snowball effect of social networks is very powerful


  • From the shop to the Facebook page

The Facebook Store is a feature that allows you to promote your products and sell them directly on the platform. By simply clicking on the “Shop” tab, your audience will have access to your collections and products that are in your catalog.

Thus, selling your products through a Facebook store has several advantages.

Indeed, you will be able to have an unlimited product catalog. You will not be obliged to create an e-commerce site to push your customers to buy your products online. You will be easily accessible on mobile and it’s a free tool!

  • Instagram shopping

Instagram offers online shoppers the opportunity to easily fall in love with your products and quickly take ownership of them.

To do so, we invite you to identify your products in photos, videos and stories, and turn any of your publications into a sales opportunity. After pressing the publication, instagrammers will see further descriptions, additional images and related items from your store.

To facilitate the purchase process on Instagram, payment can be made on the application itself in the near future.

3-Develop your online presence

Many companies are facing unexpected difficulties, particularly in maintaining their interactions with their customers. This is why we provide you tips on how you can keep in touch with your customers through Facebook and Instagram postings and messages.

  • Manage orders online :

Provide your customers with your contact information and indicate the times when orders are accepted. You can also talk about the measures your company has put in place to overcome this crisis.

  • Maintain the relationship with your customers:

Answer your customers’ questions with Messenger and Instagram directly from your Facebook Page messaging. Set up automated responses.

Set up automatic answers to frequently asked questions. To do this, set up a drive on which you list the FAQs to optimize your time.

  • Transfer your events online:

If you unfortunately have to postpone or cancel an event in person, try to organize it on Facebook or Instagram instead. Live streaming is a great way to broadcast videos on Facebook from a simple webcam or mobile device. Use this opportunity to show your premises to your customers.


If you wish to optimize your online presence and set up a crisis strategy adapted to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.