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Eminence: your strategic digital agency

Why choose Eminence? Because we are more than just a digital agency. We combine our strategic and technical knowledge to define an efficient and global digital marketing strategy that integrates both direct marketing and web marketing.

Our teams specialized in marketing and consulting, have a global strategic vision, and will accompany you throughout the process of defining how you want to be perceived on your digital channels.

Our marketing strategists work closely with our technical teams, to help you to define your KPIs and reach your goals.

Our way of working

We work as a team in partnership with our clients. From the get-go, you are an integral part of the project. We take the time to understand you, listen to your needs, and set objectives during structured workshops. We collect all the necessary information to be able to analyze your field of activity in detail. Our strategic content consulting includes the following steps:

  1. Brand audit: Conducting a full brand audit.
  2. Competitive landscape: Who are your direct competitors, how are they positioned, on which platforms are they present, what are their key messages, who is their target audience? These are important insights that will help us identify your points of difference and highlight your strengths.
  3. Audience insights: What is the purchasing path of your online customers? Understanding this data is essential to help you achieve a tangible ROI.

Our experts provide you with all their expertise during these key steps which will be the foundation for our joint journey.

Together we will enhance your existing business model, build market share, define your brand positioning, develop a clear communication plan and increase your customer base.

Do you want to implement a high-performance strategy and achieve your business objectives?

How does Eminence successfully provide you with content marketing advice?

We believe that the success of any project starts by listening carefully to the customer and understanding their needs.

The increasing use of online media offers exceptional opportunities to leverage your customer data.

We help you define the right course of action through competitive research, in-depth consumer research, insights, and a comprehensive understanding of your market. In parallel, we identify the trends that could be relevant to your business. The market analysis will allow us to help you to identify key opportunities and actions to be taken.

First, we create a clear strategic plan that outlines your internal and external environment, your targets, your positioning, brand image, communication axes, and concrete actions that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Then, our strategists will look at the different channels that can be used in your digital marketing strategy in order to advise you effectively. We offer a range of effective digital solutions to help you develop your business and increase your market share.

Through our multi-channel vision, we will help you to stand out from the crowd to make your marketing campaigns as successful as possible.

Are you interested in implementing a strategic approach to your business?

Why should you choose Eminence to accompany you in your project?

Eminence, your local digital marketing agency, is made up of strategists, creatives, web developers, digital experts, and passionate project managers. All our talents are in-house, we do not outsource them.

In conjunction with your set objectives and our market analysis results, Eminence’s marketing experts will support you in your decision-making and guide you in selecting the best-suited ways to generate a positive ROI for your business.

We work with you as a strategic partner. We accompany you on your project development by providing you with a business model that is in line with your specific goals, and by highlighting your key success factors.

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