How to develop your Facebook community?

The number of Facebook users  increased to reach billions . 1.49 Billion active users per month on Facebook, according to the latest figures. With more than 50 million of Facebook fan pages , Only few companies can do without the potential marketing offered by Facebook. This social media has become a major player in advertising.

You are a company that has a Facebook page, but few fans? Recognizing the strategic importance of Facebook in your communications plan, you want to maximize your presence on Facebook and generate maximum leads? Here are some recommendations to help you increase your number of Facebook fans:

Do you use Facebook Ads?

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First, a simple way for you to create more visibility to your Facebook page while targeting a defined community and create partnerships with other pages: in fact, the goal is not to promote the page of our competitors but rather to be associated with pages that have the same target as you while offering complementary services or products to yours! This partnership is an exchange of favors with a sharing of publication and hearing … eventually you can arrange webinars, it’s a way to gain new customers.

Although Facebook is the market leader of social media applications, others like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram are growing increasingly. That is why it is necessary for you to make the connection between your various digital presences. If you have a website, do not forget to add the Facebook tab to convert your visitors into fans.

After applying these tips you can not escape the Facebook Ads! Due to lower reach publications, Facebook advertising is the fastest way to increase your fans number . You must set a budget in order to optimize the visibility of your publications. Facebook Ads allow you to reach a qualified and targeted audience. After defining the typical profile of your target you can grade your Facebook Ads by socio-demographic characteristics such as age, location …

A little gift for you !

Did you believed it ?  it’s just for your fans! Competitions or other gambling strategy is a good way to engage the Facebook community. You must Bait your fans … Be careful to aim a relevant target, it would be a shame to attract only a few opportunists who will like your page just by greed and that will Unfollow you as soon as the competition  is over. In order to reach a qualified audience, likely to become a real client you must quote prices linked to your brand, your products or services.

Everyone, without  any exception, love to participate in competitions as long as it is not too complicated! Regarding the form of the competition to keep in mind these two words: simplicity and efficiency! There are many forms of competition: the draw, the content generated by the user (eg staging of the product on a photo) or the votes, that’s up to you!

Similarly, you can offer special deals and promotions to your fans.

Implement a content strategy

editorial in line with the interests and habits of your audience. Choose a clear and original tone. Beyond a viral content, providing real added value to your target you must provide varied content .Vidéos, albums, user experience, computer graphics, are all ideas that will generate more likes than a simple article. Prefer visual content, they have more impact, this is related to the new version of Google news feed that values the visual publications . Rather than talking about your products, Facebook values fans pages with high levels of interaction with fans, comment, share, tag!

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You must create a schedule of rigorous and precise publication! To maximize your visibility, we recommend you to post regularly. With the declining reach rate today, it is recommended to post several times a day. For example you can create the “today’s quotation” to be published every morning in order to bring good vibes , ‘buzz‘ Videos of  breaks at the office and “crazy” business photo of the evening … Although the optimal timing does not exist, you can test schedules to set the interval that gets the best performance.

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