Case study

- SEO Migration

The context

McDonald’s Switzerland called upon Eminence to assist them with the SEO migration of their corporate website, which included the following tasks:

  •  SEO strategy   
  •  SEO Migration  
  •  SEO Setup and Optimization  
  •  Monitoring 
The results
2020 vs 2021
47 %

increase in the number of pages / session

28 %

increase in pageviews

47 %

increase in the number of new users

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Client presentation

McDonald’s is an American fast-food chain with over 31,000 franchises around the world.

In Switzerland, McDonald’s is one of the largest employers with 169 restaurants throughout the country.

  • Change of domain name and server, which made the SEO migration more complex
  • Very complex website since essential data is automated via APIs
  • Implementing new objectives on the site
  • Improving the CX/UX of the website


1. SEO Migration:

To do the SEO migration of the McDonald’s website, we proceeded as follows:

  • Preparation of a redirection plan which consisted in transferring a URL to another URL.
  • 301 redirections of the old domain’s pages to the new one.
  • Creation of the sitemap and robot.txt.
  • Follow-up and optimization of the indexation on Google Search Console.
  • De-indexing of old pages.


2. SEO strategy:

To implement the new SEO strategy for McDonald’s Switzerland, we held several sessions with the client’s various departments to define the new objectives for their website. To help us, we established a competitive benchmark to evaluate the competitor’s best practices in terms of SEO.

We set a marketing intent strategy by analyzing the site’s traffic and identifying the different search intents. This allowed us to optimize the website content according to the visitors’ search intent, to offer them a more relevant experience and to improve the website’s position on search and click-through rates, while increasing visitors’ engagement. By capturing the intent of each search, we were able to create more relevant content for the landing pages.

Next, we performed a semantic analysis by identifying McDonald’s search intent and marketing strategy, to understand how people search for information around an idea and the key word strings they type into engines.

To implement a solid and effective SEO strategy, we integrated the following tools:

  • Google Discover
  • Google Lens
  • YouTube
  • Voice Search


 3. Setup and SEO Optimization

To optimize the website and improve its SEO, we started by improving the content of the migrated pages following the set strategy, including:

  • Creation of new pages in German, French and Italian;
  • Correction of the website navigation plan to optimize the CX and UX;
  • Optimization and implementation of titles and meta descriptions;
  • Optimization of images;
  • Insertion of ALT attributes for images.


 4. Monitoring

Finally, to analyze, monitor and control the results achieved, we:

  • Defined the points of improvement at the content level: search intent, Google Discover, voice search, etc.
  • Optimized the site for mobile
  • Monitored backlinks
  • Optimized structured data
  • Monitored Google My Business performance
  • Considered the technical SEO aspect of the site: image optimization, Hn tags, etc.
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