Six video trends to try in 2021

Six video trends to try in 2021

One of the strongest trends in the world of digital marketing in the last decade has been video.   

In 2021, Internet users will spend an average of 100 minutes a day watching videos. This will challenge brands to create compelling and innovative video content to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and increase consumer appeal/attraction.  

Eminence investigated the best video trends so that you can adapt your editorial strategy, enrich your content and meet your customers’ expectations. 

Customized videos 

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Today’s businesses must adapt and tailor their messages and formats to fit their brand DNA and meet their customers’ expectations. Indeed, businesses are striving to differentiate themselves and ensure they are easily recognized by their target audience.   

Almost 9 out of 10 companies say that personalization has had a positive impact on the company-customer relationship and more specifically on customer loyalty and satisfaction.  

Personalized video content contributes to increasing consumer interest and plays a key role in customer acquisition.    

If you want to create more video content, we recommend Pitchy editing software, which offers the ability to generate mass custom videos by creating a unique video template based on your customers’ data. This ready-to-use software does not require any technical skills and will enhance communication with customers, for example by offering them a welcome pack, wishing them a happy birthday, inviting them to private sales, etc.  

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Video Hotspots 


Interactive videos, also known as “video hotspots”, are an essential communication tool and increase your conversion rate by more than 11%.   

Hotspots allow the viewer to engage with clickable areas on the video, which will take the viewer to a separate web page, for example, or to see the content directly in the video (the price of products on the screen, their features, access to quizzes, etc.).   

Interactive videos will complement your digital strategy and enhance your customers’ experience. It is a solution that should meet a specific marketing objective or need. For example, with an interactive map, product presentation, e-commerce video, interactive game, quiz, or form to encourage your leads to leave their contact information.    

This is a very effective way to increase your conversion rate. 
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 Social media


With the TikTok and the introduction of Instagram Reels videos, a fun, fast, and energetic video style has become very popular among Internet users. These short, 15-second video clips have become a new form of entertainment. After all, they are easy to watch, enjoyable, and can be viewed at any time of the day.   

By combining information and entertainment, this new video style offers businesses exciting new opportunities and challenges.     

To use this style for marketing purposes, you must first come up with storyboard ideas to position yourself and attract attention.    

Ephemeral content also remains popular (on Instagram stories) and creates a strong dependency because it continuously links users to the stream of information. 


Service and product videos 


After you’ve attracted your potential customer, they’ll probably want to know more about your company and offers. This is where product or service videos can come into play.   

By creating videos that showcase your products and services, you can dynamically demonstrate the added value of your products and services as well as how they meet the needs and expectations of your customers, thereby encouraging them to make a purchase.  

For more complex products, like software or other tools that require configuration, product videos may help users to better understand how they work and reassure customers about their purchase. 

The purpose of this kind of video is to reassure customers, to show them that your solution addresses a specific problem, and to immerse them in the story behind your brand (the principle of immersion). 

Educational and informative videos enable users to acquire knowledge and get answers on a specific subject. Users will be able to implement your advice in their daily lives. What they want is useful content, fun, and high quality. According to a Wyzowl report, “68% of consumers prefer video content to discover new products or services rather than articles, web graphics, books or a combination of these”. By gaining your audiences’ trust and attention, you can increase your conversion rate.   



Virtual events 


The current health crisis has accelerated the development of virtual events and has become a powerful ally for businesses. The priority is to keep consumers connected and to preserve the customer experience. Concerts, virtual fashion shows, product showrooms, online courses, and webinars have allowed brands to survive during the global pandemic and, above all, to entertain and support their clients.   


Shoppable videos 


Short, shoppable videos can be used to trigger new product purchases, and help you dynamically demonstrate the added value of your products and how they meet your customers’ needs and expectations. 

The concept is simple: buy what you see. Today’s consumers have become even more demanding and impatient, and as a result, they are looking for instant gratification via their shopping experiences. 

Shoppable videos are a great way to facilitate the online buying process, as it opens up a new opportunity for users to take action in a digital space. 

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