Why is it so important to optimize your email marketing strategy?

The email campaign became an essential tool of digital marketing strategy! It will help your company to improve its visibility and credibility.

An email campaign is signed by your company and that is why it is important to work on the content and form of your email, while keeping in mind the values you want to convey to your community and consumers. Used properly, the email campaign will help you gain new customers. You must use a qualitative and relevant approach. The goal is not to send as much emails as you can breathe, in that case, you will be relayed to the rank of junk mail! Here are some tips to optimize your emailing strategy.

Work on your content strategy:

According to a recent study, e mailing is the privileged mean of communication by consumers and brands: 77% of Internet users prefer to receive email marketing messages rather than by any other mean. But to get an interesting ROI on your email campaign, you should not overlook the content strategy.

When developing your email campaign, the subject of the email should hold the attention. This is a key point of your strategy. A few words to encourage the click open the message … a call to action summary in 4-5 words maximum.

Declinable in the form of newsletter, promotion, or an invitation to an event, your email campaign should be personalized. The gain, or benefit, is the most effective way to convert a prospect into customer. Find the right formula and the right tone; do not seem too commercial in your content. The message must be conveyed in a subtle way. Focus your message on the expertise and solutions that you bring. Offer a valuable and humanized content; feelings are in the core of marketing!

After the substance, let’s talk about the form!

It is possible to improve the effectiveness of an email campaign through A / B testing: Here’s a marketing strategy example: choose two or three titles for an email, separate your mailing list, and analyze the results. In addition to the title there are several variables that you can change:

-The message;

– The structure of the eMail Newsletter and the Call-action;

– The day of sending;

– The time of dispatch;

– The personalization of the message;

– The landing page;

-The segmentation;

The Click-Through Rate CTR

– The sender address;

– The images and the message structure on mobile devices.

The tests will help you to understand what are the most relevant elements generating the most conversion depending on your target.

Think also to enhance the content with pictures, links to your site, your blog…. It’s proven, visuals have more impact than text content! Place a call to action, such as a link to contact you easily. The reader should quickly be prompted to conversion. Send a clear and concise message.

E-mail Marketing

Do not forget the format. The number of Internet users that check their emails from their mobiles increase everyday. A recent study shows that 50% of Email newsletters are opened from a mobile terminal and that 80% of emails are deleted immediately after opening if the format is not suitable. Ainslie format should be responsive design that is to say, adapted to the mobile and tablets, so that email would not be automatically considered as a spam.

THE right time in THE right place:

Before sending, you must of course ensure that your database is refreshed! Also make sure that the email addresses were collected in an “opt-in” and pay attention to the duplication problem. The database is the “name of the game”, your emails should be sent to your subscriber base only.

The time of sending your email is of critical importance. It will determine its opening rate. The best time slot is hard to find and strategy is also subjective. You need to do more tests. Some company will have a more receptive target, in the morning, where the opening rate is highest, other prefer off hours to avoid drowning their clients. After all it’s up to you to choose the right time.

If these tips did not help you create the perfect email campaign, you can consult our digital agency. Our experts will do the best to respond to your demands.