How to Refine Your Content Strategy in F&B, Beauty, Fashion, & Finance

2024 Trends: Refine Content Strategy in F&B, Beauty, Fashion


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In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of emerging trends is essential for maximizing ROI and achieving business objectives with a carefully crafted content strategy that catches the attention of your target audiences.

At Eminence with our Pinterest Partnership, we’re able to anticipate the next big waves in across multiple industries. These data-driven insights contribute to optimizing your advertising campaigns, audience strategy, driving quality traffic, boosting acquisition, and enhancing brand loyalty.
Furthermore, by aligning content strategies with emerging trends, brands can effectively engage with their target audience, anticipate consumer preferences, and stay relevant in an ever-evolving market. Join us as we delve into the key trends predicted for 2024 and explore how you can leverage these insights.

These trends are based on an analysis of billions of searches happening on the social media platform Pinterest from people who are planning their lives and taking action on these ideas. These searches are then layered in machine-learning-backed predictive methodology.

Vertical: Food & Beverages

In 2024, food enthusiasts will be treated to a delightful array of tantalizing mashups that promise to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Let’s look at the to watch when it comes to our plates.  

Fusing Food Favorites Together

With “Melty Mashups,” Gen X and Boomers have been avidly searching for fusion food terms, including search terms such as “cheeseburger tacos” rising +255%, “burger quesadillas” +80% and “carbonara ramen” increasing by +165%; innovative culinary creations are trending in the food industry.  

Tropical Taste

According to the Pinterest Stats and Machine Learning data insights at Pinterest, Boomers and Gen Z are embracing an escapist aesthetic inspired by the tropics. From refreshing pineapple mocktails rising +70% to decadent crushed pineapple upside-down cake which doubled in search terms, the allure of tropical flavors permeates every aspect of the culinary experience. Embracing this trend means not only tantalizing taste buds but also incorporating elements of tropical chic décor into dining spaces, creating an immersive and unforgettable dining experience that resonates with the desire for escapism and relaxation. 

Coffee Core

In 2024, the trend of at-home coffee stations is set to soar as the new expression of personal style. According to Pinterest Predicts, Boomers and Gen X will reimagine their living spaces to emulate the cozy ambiance of a coffee shop, fueling searches for everything from ‘café chalkboard’ aesthetics to ‘coffee station décor’ and ‘coffee bar styling’. This evolution in home coffee culture marks a significant shift in how individuals create their daily brew experience. The surge in interest, reflected by a staggering increase of +1125% in searches for coffee bar styling and 820% in Kafe aesthetic, underscores the growing importance of the Food & Beverage (F&B) vertical in shaping contemporary lifestyle choices. 

How can F&B brands capitalize on the growing demand? 

In 2024, the Food & Beverages vertical is ripe with opportunities for data-driven content and strategic planning. The surge in searches for fusion food terms like cheeseburger tacos and carbonara ramen indicates a growing appetite for innovative culinary creations. Similarly, the increasing popularity of tropical flavors, presents an opportunity to craft engaging content that resonates with Boomers and Gen Z. By leveraging these insights, brands can stay ahead of the curve and effectively engage with their target audience in the ever-evolving food landscape of 2024.

Vertical: Beauty & Retail  

Blue Beauty is Back  

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, it’s essential to stay attuned to emerging trends. In 2024, there has been a resurgence of aquamarine make-up signals a shift towards bold and expressive beauty choices. Gen Z and Millennials are embracing vibrant blue hues, from bright blue eyeshadows with a +65% rise in searches for blue eyeshadow aesthetic, and +100% in aqua make-up look, to nail designs with a +260% increase in searches for fun blue nails on Pinterest, this blue beauty redefining modern beauty standards in the cosmetic sector.  

Head-to-Toe Self-Care Rituals  

In the beauty sector, self-care is a key focal point in 2024, with a renewed focus on indulgent body care rituals. Boomers and Gen Z alike are seeking luxurious skincare experiences, with a remarkable +1025% increase in searches for Body skincare routine, +245% for body moisturizer aesthetics, +75% in sunscreen, and +60% Spa aesthetic. Leveraging these key body care trends in your content marketing strategy and discover how you can cater to your audience’s desire for pampering and relaxation that celebrates glowing skin and holistic well-being. 

Bold Statements in Fashion Retail  

Fashion and accessories take on a larger-than-life persona in 2024 according to Pinterest, as Millennials and Gen Z embrace statement pieces. From chunky hoops to voluminous hairstyles, with the “fluffy hair” aesthetic trending since last year, boldness is the name of the game. Leading brands in fashion that incorporate these larger-than-life trends into their content strategy will match expectations of audiences to make a statement and express their unique style with confidence. 

Bow Accents in Fashion  

#Balletcore is finding a second life on the social media platform, with the hashtag boasting over 1.5 billion views. This trend has been trending on TikTok since 2022 and in 2024 delicate bow accents are set to take center stage, adding a touch of whimsy to outfits and accessories. From bow-adorned ensembles to dainty accessories, bows offer a playful and feminine aesthetic. With a surge of +190% searches for bow outfit, +180% for bow necklace. 

Metallic Accents in Fashion and Decor  

Silver tones and bold metallics will become mainstream, as the public shifts away from neutrals both in fashion and decor trends for 2024. This shift links indirectly to fashion shift from “Clean Girl Aesthetic” to “Mob Wife” which that surged in popularity in early January 2024 and has taken over Instagram and TikTok. For the DACH region, this fresh injection of glamour to wardrobes and living spaces is set be a trend.  

Are you looking to captivate your audience with cutting-edge beauty and fashion trends?  

Elevate your beauty content marketing strategy and resonate with your audience’s desire for self-expression and experimentation. In the ever-evolving landscape of beauty and fashion, staying ahead of trends is crucial for maximizing visibility and engagement. As we look to 2024, Eminence empowers brands to capitalize on emerging trends.  

Additionally, our expertise in optimizing content for SEO ensures that brands can effectively reach their target audience and drive traffic to their platforms. With Eminence, brands can help strategically leverage data, increase their conversion rate optimization (CRO) by devising winning audience targeting strategies. 

Vertical: Business and Finance

Personalized Financial Services

Even financial services are embracing the aesthetic trend in 2024, as Gen Z and Millennials seek to personalize their financial tools and experiences. With trending terms like “Credit card stickers” increasing +140% on Pinterest, consumers are reimagining money management with a touch of creativity and style. Revolut, Visa and Barclays Bank are examples of leading banking brands that have adopted this trend and offer personalized credit cards to their clients.

Embracing this trend of personalized experience will allow your brand to resonate with your audience’s desire for financial empowerment and self-expression. Furthermore, by tailoring your financial content to meet the unique needs and preferences of your specific audience, you can ensure that money matters become more engaging and accessible.

Partner with Eminence to amplify your brand’s visibility and drive meaningful engagement in the finance industry. With our strategic partnerships with industry giants like Meta, Google, and Pinterest, we’re equipped to elevate your digital presence and stimulate growth.


At Eminence we are committed to providing our clients with cutting-edge insights to refine their content strategies. As a pioneering digital and data marketing agency based in Geneva with over 15 years of industry expertise and we have key partnerships with industry giants like Meta, Google, and Pinterest. With the data constraints of today, leveraging insights of first party data is key. Indeed, social media platforms like Pinterest, are a key touchpoint that is often under exploited by brands when it comes to understanding your audience.

With 482 million users turning to Pinterest to shape their future decisions, the platform’s predictive capabilities offer invaluable data foresight into emerging trends that can drive impactful marketing initiatives. We leverage the platform’s predictive capabilities to anticipate upcoming trends and empower brands to stay ahead of the curve. By harnessing the platform’s predictive power, we can help our clients identify trends before they gain traction elsewhere on the internet. With an impressive track record of +80% of predicted trends came true over the last four years, Pinterest Predicts is a reliable resource for informing content strategies by using big data and data scientists that distil the data into 20+ distinct trends.

At Eminence, we create content strategies by leveraging machine learning to identify promising trends and targeting specific audiences with precision. This is why having a trusted Social Media Engagement Agency can be instrumental in crafting a cohesive strategy to elevate your brand’s online presence and foster meaningful interactions with your audience.

Our partnership with Pinterest provides exclusive access to these predictive insights, giving our clients a competitive edge in their respective industries. Pinterest Predicts is just one of the valuable tools we use for fine-tuning content strategies and driving meaningful engagement.

Contact Eminence today to discover how we can help you to elevate your content strategy and achieve your marketing goals using the power of data.

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