Finance Marketing – The behavior of Mr and Mrs X during their search of loans

Consumers of financial products – who are they? And how do they find what they are looking for?

Are you working for a bank or another financial institution? Great, because then, this month will be an interesting one for you. Eminence dedicates the whole of August giving digital marketing tips to financial institutions.

With a successful finance marketing strategy, you distinguish yourself from your competitors. Let’s put it this way: Your prospects need to know that you are different/better/more trustworthy than your competitors. This is where digital marketing comes in. The best you can do to improve your image is to work on your e-reputation and on your online marketing concept.

Because this can be rather complex, we take a whole month to provide you with all the information you need to know. Today, we start by trying to explain you the base of it all: The online behavior of your target group.

Numbers, numbers and more numbers

In the United Arab Emirates 95% of the population has access to the World Wide Web. ¾ of all the people have a smartphone with access to the internet and 33% own a tablet. In international comparison these numbers put the country into the position of a digital leader.

So far so good, but here is where the numbers get really interesting for you: 41% of the people living in the UAE use the internet to get to know information about taking up a personal loan. 22% use search engines for this matter – Google for example. 13% purchase their personal loan online.

One more example: 40% of people who want to purchase home insurance use a search engine to do research in order to find a financial institution that provides them with the service. 27% purchase home insurance online.

In short: 40% of the population in UAE searches the internet if they want to take up a loan. That is a lot, isn’t it?

This is why banks and other financial institutions should invest into digital marketing campaigns rather than into traditional marketing methods. With this strategy you can have a real head start and leave your competitors far behind.

Eminence has developed a mature expertise in consulting financial institutions about their digital marketing strategy. Keep reading our blog this month – we might surprise you with knowledge you absolutely should not miss. At any time, don’t hesitate to contact us.

G.L. Junior Account Executive, Eminence