Why SEO can benefit your business ?

If you’re new to digital marketing, it’s difficult to get a grasp on the abbreviations that are used in the industry, SEA, PPC, CTR…they all seem very confusing and it’s hard to understand which ones to select for your business. The most important KPI for any business is generating new leads. But how does this sound so easy but when you look at the big picture, there are plenty of gadgets and technology that can help you along the way. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which means that Google needs to recognise your website so it can position it at the top of the first page.

Sounds straight forward enough? This search is based on keywords on your website. For example, if your business is selling shoes, your website will need to have all of the shoe related keywords on each page. The Men’s shoe pages will need keywords on men’s shoes, on children’s shoes pages, you will need children shoes keywords – it’s actually very simple.

The golden rule in SEO is to not over do it. Google have an over optimization penalty on companies that have too many keywords on one page, it’s advised to have up to 5 keywords or phrases per page. Below are a few steps to ensure that you get the most out of SEO.

Why you need content

If you keep up to date on the digital marketing industry, you will notice the importance of having good content on your website. Not only is it interesting for your customers to read and for them to get a sense of other topics around your business, but it’s great for SEO. The more content you have on your website, the longer customers will be on your pages. Not only that, but search engines will rank you higher in their search index.

It’s important to have quality content that includes a variety of styles. Blogs, Industry articles, News and Industry updates, Infographics and videos can all contribute to great SEO for your business. It can be very time consuming, organising and creating content, but in the long term- it will be worth it. You can start by having a weekly blog or news column, as your audience grows, so will your organic search results.

Off-site Optimization

Or ‘Link Building’ as its most commonly known. The goal of link building is to generate traffic from other external sites, onto your company landing page. Think of it as a popularity contest online. But it’s not just a contest of how many links to can get from other websites that rank you higher. It’s the quality of your links that is up most important. It is pointless if you spread your links to dodgy, start up websites, to try and trick Google into thinking you have hundreds of links – be much more strategic.

Take Amazon for example, these online giants have been around for years and their website has great SEO and a fantastic reputation with Google rankings. Utilize these large online giants to place your links inside their pages. It allows you to increase your rankings with Google if you’re seen to be associated with big names. However Organic links are the best type, you don’t need to ask for them but still it brings customers to your site.

Monitoring your results

After the initial set-up of SEO, you are ready to start seeing results. Being able to monitor your resultsis key to success for any business. Enabling you to tweak and alter your keywords according to the response you see. Google Analytics is a great tool to analyse who and how people are being directed to your website. In particular, you can use this information to see which specific keywords are being used to find your business online. This will help you if you are thinking about paying for advertising (SEA)in the future. There are plenty of tools out there to help analyse your customers’ search words, but Google is straight forward, user friendly and easy to monitor.


SEO is just one of the may tools available you can use to enable you get the highest lead generation for your business. Eminence ensures that a thoroughanalyse of the market is completed, your competitor behaviourand apply this into SEO campaigns working with clients. If you’re thinking about setting up an SEO campaign and this article is of interest, drop us an email and we’d be more than happy to meet with you to explain how we can help your business.