SEO: be the first one on the search engines

You produce quality content? You spend long hours working on it? You are abreast of the latest News and constantly looking to update your site? And yet you are not referenced in the way you want to be!

Your digital marketing agency, Eminence,  offers you  a few tips to improve your SEO and be the first one to appear on search engines.

Think on the long term:

Above all you have to assimilate the challenge of SEO strategy : it works over the long term. Do not think that by adopting the right tactics you will eventually move to the 1st place in  a few days. Arm yourself with patience and have a long-term approach vision. Improving its SEO comes from a strategy , a research and reflection in advance. The implementation of such a strategy therefore requires calm and perseverance.

Create a blog

The blog should address topics relevant to your trades. Blog engages, creates traffic and develops your e-reputation. Do not just promote your product or your service, rather deliver advice at your finger target. Ask yourself the following questions often before writing an article in which this product would be beneficial to my users? What is his real contribution?

Put yourself in the shoes of your user! Adopt his reasoning and logic. It is on this basis that you will guide him subtly to your site.

Add links

If you deal with a topic or a study done by a research firm, cite your source.

For example: “Banks that do not have mobile banking strategies are at risk because they are less competitive and attractive, they should lose customers” and that according to a study by UBS and KPMG !!

Here you see that the article leads to other sites. This plays on your credibility and increases the traffic on your site.

Think  conversion

The purpose of a website is not having the greatest number of visits but to convert prospects into customers and have their loyalty. So do not waste your efforts to bring a very high number of people, aim instead at a qualified target. A target that could be interested in  your content and have the greatest likelihood to convert into followers of your brand.

influencers 2.0

Here is the part of your community that best help referencing you. Creating and maintaining this relationship is crucial on your e-reputation. Find a way to partner with bloggers and opinion leaders on the web. Ask them to talk about their experience with your product / service and let them benefit of your brand for free.

Also send the items you create on your blog to people likely to benefit from.

Example: If you boast the merits of a mobile application, send your article to the founder of the application. He will be delighted and will not hesitate to share it. This is how you bring more qualified leads to your site without even asking.

The world of digital and SEO in particular is evolving at great speed and Google is focusing more and more on the user experience. This proactive approach leads us to dig more to have the best tactics on the field.

Do not hesitate to ask our experts in SEO by contacting us.