metaverse and e-commerce

The metaverse: a revolution for e-commerce!

  •   28 April 2022

Since Mark Zuckerberg’s decision at the end of 2021 to rename the Facebook group Meta, a new digital era has started with the metaverse. In an economy where e-commerce is constantly gaining market share, the opportunities offered by this 3D Internet universe are unlimited.

crm database banking

Banking sector: how to manage your CRM database efficiently?

  •   21 April 2022

Today more than ever, customer knowledge is one of the major levers of marketing and sales performance. For banks, a CRM database contributes significantly to improving the customer experience. It helps them organize and store information about their customers including contact information, transaction history, and records of previous interactions.

How to build an effective marketing strategy on TikTok

How to build an effective marketing strategy on TikTok?

  •   14 April 2022

Are you considering implementing a marketing strategy on TikTok for your business or organization? Find out how to make the most of this social network to get your business off the ground.

CRO and SEO, the winning combination

CRO and SEO, the winning combination!

  •   7 April 2022

From an SEO perspective, an organic search strategy is about increasing the amount of organic traffic to the site while gaining quality leads. To achieve this, you need to have an effective strategy and consider adding an element of CRO. What is the role of a CRO in an SEO strategy? Our experts explain everything […]

How to optimize your internal links and improve your SEO?

How to optimize your internal links and improve your SEO?

  •   10 March 2022

Internal links are a powerful ranking factor. Like backlinks, they can convey content and tell Google which pages are most important. In addition, when implemented correctly, internal links are a legitimate way to improve your rankings and overall website performance. Let’s take a look in this article at how to build a solid internal linking […]