How to increase the number of followers on Instagram?

As you may have read in previous articles, Instagram is a key player in the social media strategy of your business. It is important to be visible on this social network. To increase your visibility on Instagram, must inevitably increase the number of your followers, so how?

Eminence suggest you follow these tips. The media strategy that we propose is to develop long-term to achieve quality results.

Use #hashtags

The best way to get more followers is to make a study of the most used hashtags in your area. For example if you are an artist in Geneva, try #Genevaart! Hashtags allow you to position yourself on a specific niche. The instagram users following hashtags you use will be a relevant target.

Like and Follow

 in return Take 10 minutes of your time to Like a thousand similar photos as yours. Feel free to comment on  Popular accounts or republish their posts to your account. Usually these practices are appreciated by users. With any luck, they will say or mention you in return. This will bring you visibility. Also if you are selling a range of complementary products you can think of a partnership.

Organise contest

The Instagramers are fond of contests. More and more people use Instagram every month. Smartphones and tablets are democratizing and at the same time the opportunities multiply. So why not organize a competition? Submit a product of your business gain, so be sure to attract potential customers and not just a bunch of “free rider”.

Post daily

Instagram is a long process, which requires rigor and patience. To satisfy your followers and increase your community you need to post a daily photo or video. This can present your products, or to position your staff … everything is good to take. After several tests, determine the ideal time to publish! And remember hashtags.

Promote your Instagram account

Share information on all social networks! You can connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account and you will inform your Facebook community of your presence on Instagram. also use advertising on your point of sale, a @ “…” to indicate your instagram account on the packaging of your products or flyers. You can also boost your potential target by offering a discount with any applicable code after following your business.

By applying these tips you should get results. We do not recommend the use of mobile applications dedicated to increasing your instagram community. Indeed the number of followers increases, but the public affected is not targeted. The return on investment is low or even zero. It’s a waste of time.