How is technology affecting our culture

How is technology affecting our culture?

  •   22 March 2023

Blockchain, drones, IoT, robots, VR, AR, MR, etc. All these new technologies surround us or are already part of our daily lives. Let’s see how companies can take advantage of this wave of innovation for a better customer experience across channels.

How to find a good digital agency

How can a digital agency improve your performance and help your team?

  •   16 December 2022

As a manager or marketing/sales manager, you are probably wondering whether it is better to use a digital agency to help you in your web projects or to carry out your projects directly in-house. This decision is often based on financial criteria and on a few persistent preconceptions. However, have you also taken into account […]

winning strategies for the beauty sector

4 winning strategies for the beauty sector

  •   22 September 2022

Implementing a digital strategy requires expertise and a certain amount of anticipation. This is also the case for the beauty and cosmetics industry which has seen its revenue on digital platforms take off since the end of the restrictions. For example, L’Oréal closed the first quarter of 2022 with a 19% increase in sales and […]

Behavioral segmentation: definition

5 Examples of Successful Behavioral Segmentation

  •   15 September 2022

Have you ever heard of behavioral segmentation? This is the principle of grouping customers according to their behavior when making purchasing decisions. Incorporating this approach into your marketing strategy can pay off. In fact, segmenting your customers will give you valuable information to focus your efforts and budget on the right audience, considering their buying […]

Digital Marketing Strategy for Automotive Sector

Make a difference with a digital content strategy in the automotive sector!

  •   14 July 2022

Writing content for digital media, creating videos or stories, and writing posts for social networks is an art and the automotive sector is no exception to this principle. Even if you are dealing with automotive enthusiasts. Indeed, the creation of content should not be left to chance and must obey precise rules if you want […]