X-Mas E-Commerce Business

12 efficient tips to boost your X-Mas E-Commerce Business

  •   10 December 2018

The cash never rings sweeter as during Christmas time… …right now, it’s the perfect moment to boost your online shop and make it “X-Mas ready”!

Why Big Data is capturing the Fashion Industry?

  •   4 October 2018

Why Big Data is capturing the Fashion Industry? Through the accumulation and analysis of data from consumer buying processes, GPS profiles, and Social Media Behaviour, companies can recognise our needs before we are aware of them. In particular, in the Fashion Industry there are promising possibilities to improve the consumer experience and to better react […]


10 exciting advices to boost your Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2019

  •   25 September 2018

 Since March 2018 Google is indexing and ranking first the mobile version of a website. Mobile-first indexing means Google will use the mobile version of your website for indexing and ranking, to better help the primarily mobile users to find what they’re looking for.

Mobile travelling

Mobile Travelling

  •   30 January 2017

Travelling is becoming more accessible for everyone. With last minute deals, January sales and plenty more sites sharing reviews and opinions on ‘The next destination you should visit’, we are spoilt for choice. In this digital age, influencers, friends and family are posting photos, checking in on Facebook and posting about what a great time […]

The digitalization of Sephora stores

The digitalization of Sephora stores

  •   18 May 2016

Flash Sephora opened its doors in Paris. This is the first fully connected shop. An innovative concept with a refined design. The cosmetic line offers customers a new digital marketing experience. No more baskets filled with creams and other beauty products. The store presents its 14,000 products on a 100m² surface instead of the usual […]