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Eminence : The digital news of the week

  •   26 June 2016

Another week is gone which bring new updates and new features in the digital world. As usual to be sure you don’t miss anything Eminence put together what we think you might be interested to read. Except for Instant Articles most of social media enhanced their videos features as it’s said videos are the future […]

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Eminence brings you the digital news of the week!

  •   19 June 2016

Facebook will know everything about your purchasing habits With a few new partnerships with point-on-sale systems, Facebook will be able to monitor your purchasing habits. It will use Wi-Fi, cell towers, radio waves, GPS or beacons and that even if you don’t buy anything in a store. All that will generate precise datas for advertisers […]

Beacons new technology Dubai

Beacons, a new technology!

  •   22 May 2016

E-commerce continues to grow. Each day Internet is gaining market share by encroaching on those shops and boutiques. So how to counter competition from online stores? An American company offers an interesting solution: the beacons! How does it works? Beacons are small sensors that digitize shops. The beacons operate as an internal tracking system and […]

The Digital News of the Week

The Digital News of the Week

  •   19 May 2016

FindFace the new Russian app that can end privacy It sounds as a gadget that a spy would use in one of those old movie cold war style but in Russia it’s reality. This app is so efficient that even the local government in Moscow approached the startup to use the app to fight criminality. […]

The digitalization of Sephora stores

The digitalization of Sephora stores

  •   18 May 2016

Flash Sephora opened its doors in Paris. This is the first fully connected shop. An innovative concept with a refined design. The cosmetic line offers customers a new digital marketing experience. No more baskets filled with creams and other beauty products. The store presents its 14,000 products on a 100m² surface instead of the usual […]