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News of the Week – LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

  •   9 March 2016

Facebook just bought the Face Swapping App You can’t miss it. It’s almost all over your facebook feed. From unknown to very famous people everyone seems to use it. I find it rather creepy. Anyway so you know Facebook has now bought the very popular Face Swapping app Masquerade, also known as MSQRD, to compete […]

News of the week (Dubai related)

News of the week (Dubai related!)

  •   11 February 2016

Reach of social media highlighted at World Government Summit 2016 Dubai held its 4th edition of the World Government Summit. Turning point for UAE government is its wish to be more present and efficient on internet and through social media. For fact, GCC countries have a strong internet penetration and demand for online services, it […]

New of the week

News of the week !

  •   4 February 2016

Funny Hashtag: You may have, or maybe not, noticed a few days ago the hashtag #GroundhogDay was trendy. You are wondering what’s behind? Well let’s talk a bit about that little cute animal that is a groundhog. It’s a mammal living mainly in North America and it hibernates. Of course here in Dubai we don’t […]

News of the week

What’s interesting in the digital world this week!

  •   1 February 2016

One of the smartest marketing campaign? WaterAid NGO has put a smart campaign for water issue awareness and what’s not more efficient than an interactive one ?! Experiential marketing being a valuable way to a marketing strategy this campaign consist in interaction with people while they are mostly naked…yes yes you read that right. Apparently […]

E-Marketing Glossary

  •   27 December 2015

Complicated words for very simple things. Eminence has prepared for you a mini dictionary for recurrent terms of digital marketing. Do not be lost in this flood of information. You also control the geek’s language, you will impress them all. So here’s a non-exhaustive list: A/B testing This is a test method commonly used in […]